Steps to Design an Effective Online Training Course 

Many platforms worldwide seek to raise the quality of training courses by providing reliable content that supports the skills of trainees. In addition, appoint qualified trainers with practical experience in training and extensive scientific information, the trainees will benefit from building their ideas and drawing a correct start for their future career path.

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about the professional steps that the most famous trainers 

around the world follow; in preparing and designing their training courses which are sold widely around the world. If you are thinking of preparing your own high-quality training course, read the following article.

Reasons why young people turn to online courses

The concept of traditional education has changed radically over the past two years. And being physically present in the classroom isn’t the only learning option anymore. Because of the widespread use of the Internet in all areas; we can now access high-quality education whenever and wherever we want, as long as we can connect to the Internet. Where young people are living in a new era called the online education revolution.

Recently, a large number of young people from different age groups, have participated in online courses via online platforms. Read these five top reasons why you may get involved in online education like everyone else. 

  1. Flexibility

It is achieved through:

  • Flexibility in setting a schedule that fits everyone’s agenda.
  • Determine the pace of learning for the trainer and the trainee.
  • Achieving a better balance between work and study.
  1. Offers a wide range of programs

It is worth mentioning that many universities and schools of higher education now offer online versions of their programs for various levels and specializations. It is now possible to obtain an official certificate, diploma, or degree without actually being on campus.

  1. Easy access to training courses

Online education is a great option, all you need is a computer with a good internet connection and you will start your learning journey without commuting or traveling. You will then save a lot of time and money, and you won’t have to give up your job if you are working.

  1. Gain a different learning experience

Online learning platforms allow a limited number of people in the virtual rooms, or you can be the only student if that option suits you best, and in almost all cases, this allows for greater interaction and more feedback between you and your instructor.

In addition, accessing various materials such as videos, images, and e-books online is also very easy, and is available at any time and from anywhere.

  1. Less expensive than traditional education

Unlike traditional education methods, online education tends to be affordable. There are also often a wide range of payment options that allow you to pay in installments or per semester. Allowing you to better manage your own budget. Many platforms also offer free training courses and also offer discounts on their own training courses.

Steps to prepare an effective training course
  1. Make sure your course fits the market

Determining the topic on which your course will be based is an essential and initial step to creating a successful course. You should define its topic according to the percentage of demand for it in the market and according to your experiences in this topic. It is necessary to study the market and ascertain the nature of the content that individuals need at the present time.

  1. Define your target audience

You must prove yourself to the learners as an expert in the subject you are going to teach. But most importantly, it should offer a course that learners really need. Start thinking about the learners and what goals they are looking to achieve by attending your course.

  1. Determine the learning course objectives 

Depending on the target audience you’ve identified, start thinking about the learning objectives of your course, the experience, and the skills students will receive after taking your course. This will help you focus on the content that you will be presenting and ensure that you achieve these educational goals.

  1. Define the titles included in your course

Determining the main headline and then the sub-headings is the first step in the course outline. In this outline, you decide how to structure and visualize your content to help your target audience achieve their learning goals. It is important to include some interactive activities such as quizzes, exercises, etc., so that students can apply what they have learned and test their understanding of the information they received in your course.

Market your training courses

After setting goals and really starting to create your course, start publishing news about your course. Share discount codes with colleagues and friends and get reviews about them. You can also publish your course video links on social media to reach as many learners as possible.

The best way to present your course

Trainers have many options to display their courses. But before deciding the appropriate way to present the content, you must know your target audience well and what is the best way to present information to them, which will ensure that ideas and information reach the learners clearly.

  1. Video recording

Filming the course in the form of a video is one of the most prevalent ways of creating online training courses, due to several reasons, including: ease of preparation, presentation in a way that attracts learners, suitable for multiple areas of technical, professional and practical skills.

  1. E-books

E-books are a simple way to showcase the information in your course to learners. In addition to being easy to set up and suitable for a number of fields, this method is characterized by ease of access, downloading, and viewing without the need for an Internet connection on your device.

The best platform to publish your training courses 

After you finish preparing your training course, you will start looking for the right place to display and sell it. If you have a website, you can easily publish it on it. But there is a better option, which is to publish it on e-learning platforms because it includes many students and learners who are interested in purchasing training courses from which they take experience and skills. 

Here are some points to keep in mind when looking for a suitable platform for your courses:

  1. Budget 

Some platforms require a monthly or annual subscription in order to publish your training courses on them. There are other platforms that may charge a portion of your earnings in exchange for publishing, marketing, and attracting learners to your courses. The percentages differ from one platform to another, so you should search extensively for the best option that suits you.

  1. Competition

It is important that the platform on which you will publish your courses is highly competitive and has a large student base. But you should note that the presence of many similar training courses in the same field may make it difficult for you to market your courses and make it difficult to distinguish them among the rest of the courses. 

But don’t get discouraged in a hurry; as there is still a way to differentiate between the major platforms. But it is better for beginners to choose a platform with moderate competition in order for your tournaments to go faster.

  1. Support

While you are searching for the right platform to view your courses. Take into account that the platform is concerned with providing technical and technical support. Starting from providing consultations and answering your questions about improving your training course, through making continuous improvements to the platform and providing guarantees in sales to the target audience.

It is noted that preparing a training course involves a significant investment of time and effort, but it is important to remember that this investment is worth it and will bring many benefits to you. As a beginner trainer, these steps will help you create an effective online course. 

Therefore, the trainer must pay attention to the needs of his learners and design an effective plan that will enable him to achieve his educational goals. Transforming dispersed learners into more active and experienced learners.


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