Our experts analyze best practices to help you establish a great training course

?How to engage with your learners

The most important ways to interact with learners It’s also important to create ways to communicate with your learners and just publish your courses as an active instructor. Outstanding instructors are more than just publishers of educational content and materials; they spend some time interacting with their trainees. This will

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Establish your credibility with reviews

Thkee offers helpful feedback for learners, which is probably why the public trusts our courses. These assessments help potential learners decide which courses are right for them. As an instructor, you must collect your course evaluations, as they serve as ‘social proof’ to prove the credibility of the course. What

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Make the most of coupons and referrals

You can increase sales and attract new trainees for your course through promotion whether you’re just starting out or already have a large audience. Learn how to use tools like coupons and referral links to improve your earnings and reach. The importance of promotion First, no one knows your course

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?How can you promote your course

In addition to using our marketing and communication tools to promote your course, make sure to use external marketing and communication resources as well. Use your email list or website, or social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, for example. Make use of your current professional social networks

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Improve your course’s search results

Make your course more reachable with SEO keywords It is important to make sure that the prospective people are able to find and enroll eventually in your course. Optimizing your course landing page (CLP) for search is vital to long-term success, but it’s not as complicated as it sounds. It

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