Our experts analyze best practices to help you establish a great training course

Set up your course landing page

The creation of a page for your course will ensure marketing success, as it is your opportunity to attract trainees to register for your course and appear in search results. As you complete this section, think about why someone would want to enroll in the courses you offer. This page

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Guide to create promo video

Create the perfect preview of your course Guide you second by second to create eye-catching video previews! A course preview is like a short movie for your course. It is a video of two minutes or less on the course landing  page that helps trainees understand what you are going

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Price & promote your course

Since you are about to upload your course, you will be asked to set a price for your course. You can offer your course at a discount or offer it for free. This article will give you a few ideas regarding our course pricing choices,  so you can settle on

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Activate automatic messages for students

 As an instructor, you will be required to create automatic messages before sending your course to trainees. Although these messages are optional, they are a great way to communicate with students to welcome them to your course,and  congratulate them after they complete the course. Here are some tips to help

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About automatically generated captions

Thkee automatically displays an English subtitles tape to make the course content more accessible to students all over the world. The translation bar makes training courses easier for non-English speaking students. In addition, they provide greater clarity, enhance learning, and make courses more accessible to students with hearing impairments. The

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