Teaching on Thkee

Our experts analyze best practices to help you establish a great training course

?How to become an instructor on Thkee

Learn how to create a course on Thkee Whether you need help for creating your first course on the Thkee platform, or you already have your own content, but you need help getting it published, we’re here for you. Take the first step and sign up as an instructor. We

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Resources for your instructor journey

How to create an online course on Thkee Let us help you create an engaging online course by sharing resources. You can reach learners at a scale that’s unimaginable in person through online education, but it requires a substantial commitment of your time and energy. The best instructors love what

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?How Thkee marketing benefits you

Our worldwide team is dedicated to finding out as much information as possible about our trainees, so that instructors can offer courses that suit them. Learning is constantly growing and improving, so our team innovates and tries new things based on what trainees need in training courses. We use the

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