Activate automatic messages for students

 As an instructor, you will be required to create automatic messages before sending your course to trainees. Although these messages are optional, they are a great way to communicate with students to welcome them to your course,and  congratulate them after they complete the course. Here are some tips to help you create effective messages for learners.

Before creating messages:

Remember these important points for both welcome and congratulatory messages:

  • Be sure to include the name of your course in the body of the letter, to give the letter a good context.
  • The promotion of any other training courses or external sources is against the laws of Thkee.
  • When creating your automated messages, be sure not to make them too personalized. Unlike promotional and educational advertisements, the names of the trainees are not included in the letter.

Welcome messages:

These messages will be sent as soon as trainees enroll in your training courses. The purpose of these messages will be:

  • Welcome the students and express your gratitude for joining the course.
  • Share with your trainees an interesting piece of information about you, with the aim of breaking down barriers and making the message more friendly.
  • Keep the learners motivated by telling them what they will achieve through the course.
  • Encourage participation and interaction and tell the students that they can ask their questions on the discussion board.

Congratulatory messages:

This type of message is sent once your students have completed the course, try to include the following in your message:

  • Tell the trainees that you are proud of their achievements.
  • State the next steps and highlight the course concepts that have been applied.
  • Encourage learners to delve deeper into the topic.

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