Define your audience

The first step to creating any type of content is to think about who your target audience is. Think about future interns and who exactly would be interested in attending your course. In this article, we will help you how to determine this.

Don’t teach for “everyone”

Courses designed specifically for a target audience are more attractive and suitable for trainees. You will be guaranteed great success with Thkee if you create a course aimed at a specific audience or students. So try to focus on meeting the needs of the trainees who will benefit most from your content, rather than catering to a wide audience.

For example: 

Try to be more specific. For example, you can say: Are you a junior employee who lack confidence in public speaking. Are looking to grow your professional side? You can be an expert in this with a public speaking skills course.

Instead of saying “Who seeks to learn public speaking”.

Ask questions to identify your ideal learners

To learn how to identify target trainees, answer the following questions about the trainees’ motivation, experience, and interests:

  • What goals, interests, or challenges drive learners to take a course in your subject area?
  • Who is your content suitable for?
  • Who is your content not suitable for?
  • What skills or prior knowledge should students have about the topic of your course?
  • How does your audience feel about your content?

If you’re having trouble defining your target audience, think the opposite – ‘people who might not fit into your course’.

Think about your own experience while thinking about the people you focus on or try to remember how long you were learning in this area and exactly when you started understanding it. This will help you.

Once you have identified your target audience, you need to think about them throughout the entire course creation process. Create your online course with the ideas and minds of these learners.

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Before you begin recording

Please review these requirements before you start registering your course Video Quality Test We will dedicate a special article later on the registration process, but for now we would like to highlight our video quality testing service. You can now have a review on your video, send it to us

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Set up your recording space

Setting up your recording space effectively is one of the most crucial things a teacher can do. This is done to ensure that students and learners have an excellent learning experience while taking your course. Learners must be able to view and hear your course without being distracted by things

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