?How to engage with your learners

The most important ways to interact with learners

It’s also important to create ways to communicate with your learners and just publish your courses as an active instructor. Outstanding instructors are more than just publishers of educational content and materials; they spend some time interacting with their trainees. This will help you build a base of loyal trainees for your courses and improve your course. There are several ways to build ways of communication such as talking to them, hearing their feedback on the course, and discussing them in those comments.

 Communicate with learners through those ways: 

The ways to communicate with learners vary. For example, you can create advertisements, send emails or even send messages directly to their accounts and interact with them through the Q&A forum in your course.

Our mobile app makes it easier for instructors to manage their communications.

After you download the app, open it and tap your avatar to access the instructor experience.

Educational ads

Educational advertisements aim to increase trainees’ interaction and keep them in touch with the trainer. You can use it to send course updates, share some resources related to your course topic, or share topic-specific learning materials. It can be sent by e-mail or through Thkee trainer account message center.

It is allowed to submit up to 4 ads per month and they should only contain free resources related to course materials. You cannot direct learners to promotional materials as it is a violation of our policy. Learn more about our rules for educational ads.

Here are some tips for writing educational ads:

  • Include motivational phrases or create a quiz that encourages them to finish specific lectures or sections of the course.
  • Inspire learners, by telling them the most important news about the field and encouraging them to learn more about it.
  • Notify trainers when you update or add content to your course because your interest and investment in the course will capture their attention.

Promotional ads

Promote your new courses with promotional ads or share coupon codes that learners can forward to their friends and family for an existing course.

You can send promotional emails twice a month to each of your courses. Messages must include links to courses on Thkee platform (external links are not allowed). Learn more about the rules for promotional ads.

Here are some tips for writing promotional ads:

  • We advise you to send a series of emails to increase the interest of the trainers. For example, to announce the start of a new course, send 2 emails over the course of a week to your existing list of trainers.
  • To get more learners’ interest, you can include a discount on your course. But don’t forget to set a deadline for the promotion and state it clearly.
  • Make seasonal discounts or a temporary deal on particular holidays.
  • Quote real feedback from learner reviews about the courses you want to promote after their permission.

Send a direct message

This method enables you to communicate privately with other trainers or instructors. When you send a direct message, learners will receive the message either within the app or via email. It depends on its settings. Learn more about sending direct messages and about the Udesa direct message rules and guidelines.

Q & A

It is an in-app forum where learners registered in your course can ask questions, read your answers, and reply to each other. You can also pin or highlight frequently asked questions. Learn more about how questions are marked.

Best Practices for Writing Letters for trainers

The first line of your letter can grab students’ attention and get them to open and read your letters. Follow these steps to write effective messages for your ad and promotional emails:

  • Test different subject lines
  • Keep it short and concise
  • Avoid writing the entire topic in capital letters
  • Make the lines of the letter look like questions to spark curiosity.
  • Avoid writing a message that contains exclamation marks or unclear phrases
  • Avoid repetition and use certain words more than once. This may make your learners lose interest in your emails.
  • Give learners a compelling reason to open the email, but avoid some words that could trigger spam filters and make your message appear in spam. Among these words: free, sale, % discount. Instead, use words that attract them, such as mentioning international occasions, birthdays, public holidays, etc.

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Set up your recording space

Setting up your recording space effectively is one of the most crucial things a teacher can do. This is done to ensure that students and learners have an excellent learning experience while taking your course. Learners must be able to view and hear your course without being distracted by things

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