Establish your credibility with reviews

Thkee offers helpful feedback for learners, which is probably why the public trusts our courses. These assessments help potential learners decide which courses are right for them. As an instructor, you must collect your course evaluations, as they serve as ‘social proof’ to prove the credibility of the course.

What is the significance of these evaluations?

Assessments are essential for both the new courses and the course instructors. For example, when starting a course, consider getting 4-10 ratings to help you in your next course.

The importance of negative evaluations is to help you understand how to improve your course. Positive assessments help you gain credibility for your course and increase the prospect of potential learners being enrolled in it.

Ask for early and direct feedback and ratings from learners, so you can improve your next course.

The most important tips for requesting reviews and evaluations. 

 Tips on how to gather more feedback and review for your course:

  • Reach out to learners: You can request comments and assessments in the introduction to the course, through welcome messages, direct messages,  promotional emails, and can also be requested between lectures.
  • Determine the time: If you plan to take the assessments during the course, be sure to do so within the first 15 minutes of the course. It is therefore important to make a good impression at the beginning of the course. For example include an interactive activity to motivate the learners, then ask for an assessment.
  • Reaffirm its importance: Encourage learners to give their opinions and see how they can improve course material and the learning experience.
  • Benefit from other experts: Ask a colleague in your field to view your course and provide feedback or leave an honest review. Fellows can mention their professional experience along with the assessments, so learners can see that your course lives up to their level.
  • Be honest and make sure you follow our platform review policies. Learn more about guidelines against tampering with the review system.

How to respond to reviews and ratings

As a trainer, you should use every assessment you receive as an opportunity to interact with learners and gain more information. It must also respond to all evaluations, whether negative or positive.

Here are some tips on the best way to respond:

  • When responding to assessments, always address your learners by name and thank them for registering in your course.
  • Ratings above 4 stars. Appreciate their efforts as a student.
  • Ratings are less than 4 stars: Accept any negative feedback and provide a positive solution such as updating the course or adding new course materials. For example: “Thank you (Learner’s name) for the review. Could anything be added or changed to make the course better for you? Thanks again for your review.”
  • Star-only ratings without text: Ask the learner for more specific information. Be friendly and remember that other learners can see your responses. For example: “Thanks (name). You have identified X and Y as not living up to your expectations. I would like to know more about what we can do to improve these parts of the course for you?”

You can manage student feedback and assessments using the reviews dashboard.

Take advantage of review and feedback

Promote your course using positive reviews: Use them to market your course. Tell your customers about it in your emails, on social media, and in the course descriptions.

Feedback and negative reviews can be used to improve. Consider adding new content to the course or changing the course description if learners continually complain about something not working. It’s also a good idea to respond to the comment immediately to let them know you’re fixing things, and again when you make changes. The students appreciate that they are heard. Make sure to inform all of your learners of any course updates.

Follow the instructions of Thkee platform

It is important that you follow the review guidelines to ensure that you are not in violation of any of our policies.

You can also learn more about course reviews by reading our FAQ.

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