?How Thkee marketing benefits you

Our worldwide team is dedicated to finding out as much information as possible about our trainees, so that instructors can offer courses that suit them. Learning is constantly growing and improving, so our team innovates and tries new things based on what trainees need in training courses. We use the information we have about trainees interests and the buying patterns of millions of other trainees  to create personalized learning recommendations. Based on the information we have about trainees and their purchasing habits, we send our marketing team emails, push notifications, site announcements, and promotions.

Here are some of the promoting techniques we use to arrive at our target trainees.

Worldwide seasonal campaigns

The typical individual may not know when summer occasions start in Europe or when the Christmas season is commended in Asia, yet we do! We keep tabs on the world’s major holidays and events because we are a global company. We make occasional missions and deals for worldwide occasions like Black Friday, Festival of Lights, and New Year’s Day. This is so our promoting efforts arrive at trainees all over the world promptly and in their local language.

Advertise on some famous websites

We can reach our target trainees even after they leave our platform. This can be done through advertisements on well-known sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Google, Amazon and more. We can do this by reminding the learner of your course on Thkee in case they have viewed your course or put it on a wish list. We have a team of experts who specialize in creating paid ads on every platform so you don’t have to do this.

Benefit from our deep knowledge of trainees’ interests

Trainees  receive recommendations of the best courses that are suitable for them during their learning journey in Thkee, including before and after purchasing the course.

When a trainee visits Thkee for the first time, they will see new courses on topics that interest them. In the absence of much information about the new user, they will see the most popular courses or the most purchased courses. Once they start browsing the platform they will start getting recommendations based on the words or terms they search. If they watch promotional videos, or added courses to their wishlist. Based on their behavior during the course, they’ll make recommendations.These campaigns go to trainees in light of their way of behaving. trainees might get suggested courses in messages, on our Platform, or on different sites on the Internet.

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Before you begin recording

Please review these requirements before you start registering your course Video Quality Test We will dedicate a special article later on the registration process, but for now we would like to highlight our video quality testing service. You can now have a review on your video, send it to us

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Set up your recording space

Setting up your recording space effectively is one of the most crucial things a teacher can do. This is done to ensure that students and learners have an excellent learning experience while taking your course. Learners must be able to view and hear your course without being distracted by things

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