?How to become an instructor on Thkee

Learn how to create a course on Thkee

Whether you need help for creating your first course on the Thkee platform, or you already have your own content, but you need help getting it published, we’re here for you. Take the first step and sign up as an instructor.

We are here to help you share your experience and give you access to millions of learners across the globe. Together, step by step, we will continue our mission to improve lives through learning.

Here are 4 steps that could help you to create a training course, paving the way for you to become an instructor on Udemy.

  • Plan Your Course

Planning for course content is important before you start recording. This way you will have the right topic for what you will be teaching and the audience you are creating your course for.

Select a course topic: You can teach anything on our platform, except for what is on our list of prohibited topics. You can use the Marketplace Insights tool which helps you to improve the quality of your topic at learner demand. It can also help you search for topics that are needed in your course area and that your target learners are looking for.

Define your target audience: It is important to identify the specific audience you want to present your course to. This will help you focus the course content so that it is relevant to the students and to be able to achieve their goals at the end of the course.

Set Learning and Course Titles Setting objectives for your training course. This is as important as the points mentioned earlier, because it helps in creating an organized and relevant online learning experience for your learners.

Create Your Own Scenario: learners often prefer enthusiastic and fun teachers who encourage their participation. So you should create and practice your own script to stay prepared and energized for the duration of the course.

Learn more about recommended best practices for creating a course.

  • Create your course

Once you’ve finished preparing for your course, it’s time to spice it up a bit. You can review our articles detailing the recommended best practices for registering your course.

Choose the equipment you will need and set up a private recording space. You don’t have to worry if this is your first time using audio/video equipment. We’re here to help you set up the recording space to give learners the best learning experience. Learn how to set up your own audio/video equipment and check out our list of recommended audio/video equipment.

Start by sending a demo video first: Thkee offers you this service for free, so you can get the basics of production right before you start recording. This is to ensure that the quality of the recording complies with the standards of the platform. Find out more about creating and submitting a test video to get feedback on improving the quality of your course.

Hit a record. Once you have received your feedback on the test video and have enough recording quality to fit our platform, it is time to start recording your own training courses. Your course text is complete and you’ve read it well over and over again, now is the time to set aside some time in your schedule to start recording your lectures.

  • Finalize your course

Once you’ve recorded your course, it’s time to edit and add the finishing touches to your course before you publish it. 

Upload completed course videos. You will upload the final course videos with any learning materials. Use our bulk upload feature for ease and time savings.

You will complete tasks such as improving the course summary, creating your course image, completing your instructor bio, setting the course price. And most importantly checking your course before applying for a final review.

  • Publish your course

Submit your course for review to make sure it meets the Quality Standards process, and doesn’t violate any of our policies. This review helps us ensure that we provide a high quality learning experience for our learners. Therefore, all courses must be reviewed before being published on our platform.

Update and publish your course Our team will evaluate the final course, and provide feedback if needed. If you have feedback, make the required adjustments and resubmit your course. Once approved, your course will be published on our platform and you will become an official instructor on our platform.

Have a question about teaching with Thkee? Check out our FAQ.

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Before you begin recording

Please review these requirements before you start registering your course Video Quality Test We will dedicate a special article later on the registration process, but for now we would like to highlight our video quality testing service. You can now have a review on your video, send it to us

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Set up your recording space

Setting up your recording space effectively is one of the most crucial things a teacher can do. This is done to ensure that students and learners have an excellent learning experience while taking your course. Learners must be able to view and hear your course without being distracted by things

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