Improve your course’s search results

Make your course more reachable with SEO keywords

It is important to make sure that the prospective people are able to find and enroll eventually in your course.

Optimizing your course landing page (CLP) for search is vital to long-term success, but it’s not as complicated as it sounds.

It will help you:

  • Having your training course  in front of the right trainees
  • Improve the search ranking of your course on Google and Thkee platform.
  • Increase the number of people who will click to see your course landing page.

As more people watch your course, it may lead to more trainees enrollment in your course.

Here are four steps to help you decide the best keywords to include on your course’s landing page. Write your keywords in a document or spreadsheet, so that you can refer to them frequently.

Keyword exercise (15-30 minutes)

  1. Recognize your audience by thinking about the topic of your course, and who will benefit the most from it. Brainstorm the search terms prospected audience use to find your course.
  2. Choose your main keyword Choose the word that you think is most relevant to your target trainee. Usually this is your specialized subject (eg Python course, Python machine learning, wedding photography, etc.)
  1. Generate related keyword ideas Search for your keywords on Google using SEO tools like keyword Surfer Chrome plugin to get a large list of related keywords that you can incorporate into your course’s landing page. The plugin does a great job of providing you with both keyword ideas and their search volume; helping you understand what your users are interested in learning.
  2. Bones Keywords Use our Marketplace Insights tool to search your topic and identify any Thkee keywords and modifiers (full, starter, final). 

Through performing this exercise, pay attention to the following:

  • What web pages appear first?

Tip: Try to find keywords where the top search results are similar to your course.

  • How are course titles formatted?
  • What keywords or modifiers are used?
  • What makes you want to click through?
  • How does your course compare to similar courses?

You’re ready to move on to the next step, the Course landing page Checklist, as soon as you’ve compiled a solid list of keywords and notes about the market.

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