Make the most of coupons and referrals

You can increase sales and attract new trainees for your course through promotion whether you’re just starting out or already have a large audience. Learn how to use tools like coupons and referral links to improve your earnings and reach.

The importance of promotion

First, no one knows your course better than you. You know exactly who this course is for, what trainees will learn, and how they will benefit from it. This puts you in a great position to spread the word about your course, especially when it has been posted recently.

Second, the trainees you bring are generally more interactive. in the middle; Trainees who purchase a course through a teacher referral link see the course content in the first week about 30% more than those brought in by YODYSA promotions. Instructor and trainee communication is really important.

Finally, when you use Udysa promotional tools to bring in a new trainee, you will get a higher profit share of 97%.

Promotion types

Several tools are available for you to advertise your courses (see here for more information). The right mix of them will depend on your marketing strategy and the amount of time you want to devote to your course offerings.

  • The Referral link allows you to refer an unlimited number of trainees to the course without affecting the sale price. If you participate in the Udysa Deals Program, Interns who click on your referral link may or may not see a discount, such as a special offer for new users. Referral links are a great way to create a permanent way to drive traffic to your courses (“set it and let it go”), such as your website or professional profile.
  • A discount coupon allows you to create a temporary promotional price for your course. You can choose between a big discount that lasts for a few days or a more moderate discount that lasts for 30 days. A temporary big discount is great for kickstarting a hurried promotion, like a sale you advertise via email or social media. The moderate discount is well suited for marketing on YouTube videos or blog posts. For coupons, they must expire by specific dates, make sure to inform potential trainees of the discount expiry date to motivate them to sign up while the offer is still available.

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Before you begin recording

Please review these requirements before you start registering your course Video Quality Test We will dedicate a special article later on the registration process, but for now we would like to highlight our video quality testing service. You can now have a review on your video, send it to us

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Set up your recording space

Setting up your recording space effectively is one of the most crucial things a teacher can do. This is done to ensure that students and learners have an excellent learning experience while taking your course. Learners must be able to view and hear your course without being distracted by things

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