Price & promote your course

Since you are about to upload your course, you will be asked to set a price for your course. You can offer your course at a discount or offer it for free. This article will give you a few ideas regarding our course pricing choices,  so you can settle on the most ideal pricing methodology.

Free and paid courses

Some instructores start their courses for free to get the following: trainee ratings and feedback. Then switch to a paid course at a later time. Remember that free courses cannot exceed 2 hours in video and you will lose all premium features including: the Certificate of Completion, and Q&A. While you can change the price of your course at any time, you can only switch from free to paid once. Learn more about the free courses.

Paid courses do not have course length restrictions and cannot be offered for free anywhere else (eg: YouTube, your own site, other educational platforms, etc.).

Set a price for your course

There are two steps required before you can set your price:

Step 1: Be a premium instructor

If you want to become a premium instructor, submit an application for approval. This application includes setting up your instructor profile, if you have not already done so, accept the Thkee terms of service, choose whether you want to participate in promotional programs, and select your payment method.

Step 2: Choose a price

Then, you will need to choose a price for your course. There are many factors that affect your course prices such as: the duration of the course, depth of content, your experience and reputation as an educator. Longer courses, or courses that focus on a specialized subject or professional skill, can be sold for a higher price. You can sell your course at a higher cost by offering extra benefits to the learners through tasks given by the project, and individual feedback.

Select from the course level dropdown list and price your course. If your default currency is not the US dollar, learn more about our global price matrix. To help you decide which price to choose for your course, compare your course to similar courses on Thkee considering course length, resources provided, training activities and assessments.

Provide a discount on your course

The discounting price of your course may increase the number of registrants. Thkee offers optional marketing programs, your course will be offered at a reduced price during promotions. This can create a sense of urgency and get more trainees to buy your course.

Learn more about our pricing policy and promotions. You can sign up for our promotional programs through your instructor account.

You can also offer discounts to trainees by creating your own coupons and referral links. Learn more about how to create and manage coupons.

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