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Thkee is a Digital Platform Driven by Artificial Intelligence

Thkee is an Arab platform that provides expert and technician-led professional training courses in a variety of fields using advanced technologies. It enables Instructors to gain profits continuously from the platform without feeling worried about promoting their training courses. 

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You’ve worked hard to get to where you are today, and that should be rewarded with more. On top of our great regular profit percentage on sales, we’re offering up to 97% profit for a limited time only. Plus, we’ll even increase your course sales by dedicated Ads for you. That’s more money in your pocket! Don’t miss your chance - seal the deal now.

Instructors registration on Thkee is 100% free and secured

Instructors will receive earnings up to 97%

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Free campaigns on Social media platforms and SEO

Get instant income whenever your course is published

Maximum support is provided throughout the course

Reaching target audience with our specialists assistance

Thousands of trainees join Thkee daily

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Enjoy the best e-learning experience with Thkee

Train anyone in any field and from anywhere in the world through the Thkee platform
The best place to create and sell your courses. Everything you need in one place

Introducing Thkee, a new way to create your own course with powerful features that enhance your training experience.

With our AI-powered online course creator tool, you can create your own course content and share it with the world. Add audio recordings of yourself, video lectures, quizzes, and more. It’s easy to use, affordable and fun!

  • Lessons and Quizzes

    Learning has never been this easy! Create lessons and quizzes for trainees using artificial intelligence to track their progress. You can rest assured knowing your learner's knowledge is growing through science based studying methods.

  • Content Editing

    The power of Editing is in your hands. With this feature, you can create and edit your training course in real time, including adding text, images and videos. We have also added advanced features that allow you to update with ease

Education and Access to the Platform are A priority & Parity

Education is a basic human right, but not everyone has equal access to quality education. Thkee helps learners gain access to high-quality learning – even if they are deaf or blind, or have other physical or cognitive disabilities. We believe that all learners should be able to achieve their greatest potential, regardless of their ability level.

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Our platform supports online learning sessions

Sign up for an individual lesson or a group session with an infinite number of participants. Learn from the best educators and take advantage of cutting-edge educational features like file sharing, video presentations, interactive whiteboards, and more.

Join Our Community And Prosper In The Job Market.

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Thkee offers a wide range of training courses led by skilled trainers who are experts in their industries and have years of experience. Courses in technology, programming, and languages such as English and so on.

Course providers receive 97% of their income from Thkee.

  • Powerful platform that is driven by artificial intelligence 
  • Almost full returns on training courses.
  • Sponsored advertisements for training courses
  • 100% free registration for All trainers and courses providers 
  • Thousands of daily visits on the platform
  • Trainers receive full technical support.

Instructors and trainees will communicate via the chat icon that appears on their account when registering on the platform.

There are two kinds of courses an instructor can create: recorded courses and live sessions.

Yes, our professional marketing team will help you to promote your courses and attract the right trainees.

Actually our marketing team role will be fully responsible for attracting trainees to your training courses. Also, you can invite your friends, collogues and others to join your courses.

The platform provides multiple payment methods for the teacher, so that s/he can obtain his income from the courses either by bank transfer from the company’s account or through PayPal.

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