E-learning and how teachers can benefit from it?

E-learning concept

The usage of e-learning methods has become a common feature of modern education. Whether it is academic or individuals learning specific skills in order to succeed in the job market.

E-learning is defined as the virtual learning process that takes place via electronic technologies through a phone or computer.  Also, it is not tied to a specific place or time. If it is prepared by a highly qualified team e-learning is superior to traditional education as in some well-known international platforms such as Udemy, for example.

E-learning Types:

1.   Synchronous E-learning

It means that the trainer and trainee are present simultaneously through special techniques for video chat, or what is known as live sessions. That the tow parts interact to follow up the educational course and participate in any questions or inquiries by the learner; in addition to following up directly by the trainer.

Here, it requires agreement on a specific time between the trainer and the students to start chatting, whether by text, audio, or video to complete the educational process.

2.           Asynchronous E-Learning

The process of E-learning does not take place in real-time. Therefore, the presence of the teacher and the students is not required at the same time.

The educational material is recorded as in the training courses on the various websites. They are located on specialized websites and provide the ability to learn at any time and place chosen by the learner. 

 An educational course is purchased and paid for electronically, such as on the foreign Coursera platform and the Arab Udysa platform.

3.            Hybrid E-Learning

Also known as blended e-Learning, it is learning environment that allows for both asynchronous education and synchronous education interaction. 

The interaction between the student and the trainer occurs simultaneously with the training course, which will be recorded to be used later by the student alone.

The Important Advantages of E-learning:

  • Provide Learning Opportunities for All

A person who wants to learn with e-learning does not need to have any experience or credentials; it can be done anywhere and at any time.

  • Fast Information Reach

Where the learner is able to skip the information s/he already knows and access the information s/he seeks to learn.  As found in the recorded training courses that are purchased from certain platforms for the online courses.

  • Easy Evaluation

The trainee is able to evaluate without any objection preventing him from doing so. Thus, e-learning is constantly developed according to the comments and assessments provided by students.

  • Available Material

The trainee chooses the time and place where he wants to learn, along with the appropriate training course based on his skill development goals.

  • Save Money and Time

It is not necessary for the trainee to move to the training site or for the employee to leave his work to attend the training course. As a result, less time and effort are wasted to attend the course.

  • Follow the Latest Knowledge Updates

You can upload educational materials to special programs and making the necessary changes. So, educational materials can be updated over the Internet more easily and quickly.

  • Help in Self-learning

Online education inspires self-reliance; As a result, the learners are eager to acquire more practical experience. Therefore, they can reach the level they wants to attain in terms of training and mastering a particular skill

  • Availability of New Skills

While some students may not find it easy to find the right place to learn certain skills, all skills can be easily learned on online educational platforms with high efficiency and quality.

How does a trainer or teacher benefit from e-learning?

When you teach a specific course or have experience in an area of current research and have the ability to explain and communicate information, you not only benefit others but you can also make money. Simply, you can develop a training course for this skill and selling it on specialized websites.

Selling training courses has become one of the most powerful ways to profit through the Internet. Furthermore, some platforms provide the necessary technical capabilities, allowing you to expand your educational course, and thus achieve good financial returns.

 Your revenue will grow as you make purchases from more potential customers by using a powerful platform.

In addition, the platforms differ in the percentage of profit they make from the educational courses. Consequently, when you sign up, make sure you choose low-cost sites to maximize your profits.

Powerful websites will help you promote your courses. Therefore, your choice of the platform in which you offer your training courses is very important in reaching potential customers for more profits.

Tips to Achieve the Largest Possible Return of Profits for the Trainer in the E-learning Process:

 1. Choosing the appropriate platform in terms of the number of visitors and customers, as well as the commission that it requires from you to provide your courses.

2. Choosing the right price by searching for competitors’ prices in the market in the same field you offer.

3. Proper and correct promotion of the training courses you offer.

4. Seek the availability of a Certificate of Completion of the Course; Learners look for a certification of their courses as proof of skill learning and when applying for a specific job.

5. It is recommended to make a free mini-course to provide initial and attractive information before launching the basic course that you want to sell.

6. Select your target group precisely. Are you targeting beginners to learn the course you offer? Or who has the basics of skill but wants to master it? You can collect the necessary data before submitting and promoting the course.

7. Select the type of content that is appropriate for your field, whether text, audio, or video-recorded; For example, a web design and programming trainer need visual content to be explained in the training course s/he offers.

8. Organize the content that you will provide in e-learning and mention the points or lessons included in the training course in points. Thus, the trainee will be able to know what they will learn about when they purchase the training course. Therefore, an organized and attractive method is used for marketing the content and courses that you provide to the trainees.

Be smart and share with other trainers in investing your mastered skills to benefit others and earn profits while creating your own course. Plan and consult a suitable person you trust and start your e-training journey.




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